The Brewer Siblings (Ashburg/Greensburg)

Alex and Dani Hack Dating

Life Hack #453: To avoid disappointment, always expect things to go wrong because they inevitably do.

Dani Hadden’s life is a hot mess. Raising a nine-year-old whirlwind with ADHD, keeping up with nerdy hobbies, and balancing a full-time job do not come easy to her. She never expected adulthood would be easy, but why does it seem like it’s harder for her than all the other moms? What will it take to get her shit together?

Alex Brewer needs his life to be orderly and full of routine. Balancing single-parenthood and his bakery isn’t easy, but he’s always had his big family around to help. Lately though, the bakery, which was his late wife’s dream, is feeling like more of a burden than a connection to his first love.

When Dani and Alex get paired up to share a bowling alley at their kids’ school event, they can’t keep their eyes off each other. Too bad, their personalities seem completely incompatible, and neither of them has time for romance. But when their kids become best friends, and life keeps throwing them together, it seems like maybe they should give it a shot. They’ve got sizzling chemistry, but can they hack dating and make a relationship work with their busy schedules and clashing personalities?


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 Ashley and Jake Game Dating

In the Game of Life, there is a sequence of steps you’re meant to take. But what happens when you’d rather choose a different adventure?

Ashley Brewer is a twenty-two-year-old gamer girl who spent her teen years and early twenties caring for everyone else. She’s sad to be leaving her job working with adults with disabilities for better hours, but she’s ready to to take advantage of her new found freetime. Her plan? Embrace the carefree life, find a boyfriend, and lose her virginity. Or so she says. In reality, she prefers cozy nights with smutty romance novels and online gaming with her bestie.

On the flip side, Jake Lambert, an anxiety-ridden preschool teacher, navigates life on his farm-ish property with chickens and goats, alongside his best friend and teenage daughter. Between a demanding job, raising a teen, and caring for his disabled brother, his dating life has taken a backseat.

When Ashley and Jake cross paths at a local hangout, a one-night stand seems like a perfect solution to their problems. Except Ashley has a change of heart. No big deal, right? Until Jake’s brother tries to set him up with Ashley, and a Dungeons and Dragons game throws them into the same adventure. The Game of Love appears rigged to keep pushing them together. Maybe it’s time for Ashley and Jake to roll the dice on a real shot at love. 

 Annie and Sam Hate Dating

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